Never chase 'em, quickly replace 'em. Mistakes? Nahh, I don't retrace them, I just move on & mentally erase them ;)

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Miss Magic™ trademark name.
Hai, my name is Shaelin.:D
heres the basics. (: 14, Freshman. Care free, fun loving girl.  Stubburn. Christian:D i make smiley faces... a lot. i love to talk. Confidence is key.
Determined Hip-hop dancer, volleyball, signer. I' addicted to Monster Energy. I'm very optimistic. I like to speed skate.
I work on a volunteer basis. (social work looks good on college applications kids! plus you do some amazing things, and it make yous feel good helping.:) I work at a sunday school, (CCD) as a janitor and an secretary. im a inspired photographer. Comment... please?
^This is dedicated to the ones who have lost their loved ones. thank you for your ratings, it is now a gold blingee! much obliged! but keep doing so!

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Justin Bieber = 11 year old faggot.
Harry Potter > Twilight
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x.Sweet.Perfe... disse:

3770 days atrás
Okay. She'll Mail You The Money.(;

x.Sweet.Perfe... disse:

3774 days atrás
I'll be sure to let her know.(;
How much does she owe you ?

x.Sweet.Perfe... disse:

3795 days atrás
Right? I'm honored.(;

x.Sweet.Perfe... disse:

3799 days atrás
Whore and bitch ?
;o I feel special now ;D
XD <3

x.Sweet.Perfe... disse:

3804 days atrás
Haha I Am Your Whore ;D

Lillian98 disse:

3854 days atrás
lol! I haven't been on in a while too! I feel bad! Ur grounded lol!

ForeverAndAlw... disse:

3875 days atrás
It's Naomii.(:
Aww why are youu grounded ?
Youu baad girl (;

x.Save.Your.B... disse:

3883 days atrás
It is cold here, trust me. It was 14 degrees this morning. Flipping freezing :o

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