Nostalgia is, indeed, a Bitch. ♡

miss the old times. i love u all. <3 

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AkiraMarbela disse:

790 days atrás
For various reasons, we have had difficulties in blingee due to flash, and although they have announced the unfortunate closure, I want to be positive.
I will always be grateful to blingee for letting me meet you and be part of your friends.
I will be on the site that several have moved to (PicMix) with the same user (AkiraMarbela).
Once again, thank you, I'll keep coming in and keep an eye out for things to change on the fantastic site. Take care and see you. Hugs.
† AkiraMar †

Teodoruka disse:

1814 days atrás

Come and Join my group! Help me make 100 members! 
Thank you! :) Have a great day! 


mitzi26 disse:

2779 days atrás
♥▦ ▩ ▧▦ ▩ ▧▦ ▩ ▧▦ ▩ ▧▦ ▩ ▧ ▧▦♥
♥▦ ▩ ▧▦ ▩ ▧▦ ▩ ▧▦ ▩ ▧▦ ▩ ▧ ▧▦♥

Develchen disse:

2781 days atrás
My last Blingee:
Take care my friend ♥

debby80 disse:

3010 days atrás
Buon anno e che sia un 2015 come  desideri tu.
Happy New Year and it's a 2015 as you want.

debby80 disse:

3018 days atrás
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family.
Affectionately Debora

Sheilana disse:

3019 days atrás
Bonjour bonsoir, après une très longue absence, je voulais revoir un peu mon compte *nostalgie* et effectivement je n'ai donné de nouvelles à personne j'en suis bien confuse ^^"
Puisque tu m'as envoyé ton msg il y a au moins 2 ans, tu ne dois plus y revenir mais si l'envie t'en prend, tout comme moi, d'y revenir comme ca ...;)

debby80 disse:

3036 days atrás
There is a new original group very cute, I hope you'll be one of us, otherwise thank you anyway. Kisses.

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