Cala *My 2nd RPC*

Cala *My 2nd RPC*
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Full Name: Cala Lufilia~ Age: 16~ Birthday: February 13 (just like Hiros :DD)~ Team: Team 15~ Teammates: Shukata Hiro, Tainaka Shana and Rina-sensei~ Abilities: Cala can requip (change) her weapons really fast, she can tell everything about other people just looking into their eyes. And it's called Dark Eyes (when you use it your eyes becomes black), she can transfer her chakra into other person and than that person feels the worst pain of all~ Best Friend: Killua Zodiac~ Family: unknown~ Character: Cala has warm personality, but if you make her pissed than expect to be punched really hard (even if Cala doesn't have that brutal strenght like Sakura or Hiro). She doesn't have a lot of patience, but she never gives up. Cala can summon weapon called Death Rebel. It's most powerful weapon of all times. It can cut trough a mountain in 1 hit O.O. And she can summon panthers~ Well don't try to mess with Cala or.... the most powerful team (Team 15) in Konoha is going to... you know what they are going to do ^^"
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