~All we have to do is be friends~

~All we have to do is be friends~
This is Craig & Vivi, im not gonna put a story or anything im too lazy x.x i'll explain this story not in RP., first off, they are just friends! so just so you know, i still love Kyvi! & Craig had a crush on Vivi at the end of the story, but Vivi backed down & said all i want to be is friends, you see, Cartman wanted Kyle to be jealous & find out Vivi hangs with Craig sometimes, Vivi said there is some couple paintball torniment & wanted Kyle to join for fun. Cartman grabbed the ticket Vivi gave to Kyle & posted on Craig's door the ticket with Vivi's handwriting (Cartman copied her handwriting which was exactly like hers) & wrote this is for Craig Cartman told Kyle that Vivi wanted Craig to go not him even though he is lieing Cartman just wants Kyle to be miserable. & Cartman told Vivi that Kyle changed his mind, told Craig to go with her & Craig & Vivi went to the paintball game. Craig & Vivi didn't get along well sense Craig wasn't a fan of paintballs & Vivi was, when they got there (after tons of bickering) Craig noticed that the paintballers look like adults & Vivi got embrassed cause she ordered the adult tickets. Course they had big guns & barly can hold it, they didn't get any & they just hid for afew days & they got paint on their clothes. Craig complained how he never wanted to be in this, then Vivi said ''Screw you Craig! you are one of my best friends act like it!, if we wanna get out alive we have to work together!'' Craig agreed & said sorry, blah blah blah epic paintball fight.. then Vivi injures her leg & at the end Craig held Vivi back home. Craig asked why Vivi dates Kyle & Vivi started blushing & said cause he understands me, Craig gets all emotional. Craig carries her & starts to get tired. Then he asks her about his feelings towards her. Just then Kyle & the boys come back & Vivi jumps down feeling okay & hugs Kyle & tells how awesome the paintball game was. Kyle is mad at Vivi & sad. Vivi asks whats wrong then blah blah blah Cartman says what he did nervously laughing Vivi kicks Cartman hard & crosses arms, Craig sorta stands there looks down. Vivi hugs Craig saying she had a nice time with him & he ''rocks'' Craig blushes & walks back home with all of them. Kyle, abit jealous doesnt talk to Craig on the way there, its best of Craig & Vivi to be friends, sorry :)
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