Vivi & Cartman ^_~

Vivi & Cartman ^_~
Vivi: *Outside humming a song to herself* Cartman: What the hell are you doing here? Vivi: Nothing, just was playing my gameboy.. im waiting for Stan & Kyle to pick me up to go toliet paper the houses :P Cartman: *sits near her* same.. (Damn, i dont want her to come along too, shes just gonna sissy out i bet!) Vivi: *makes fist & grins* The mean people like that cat-lady down the street! we are totally gonna toliet paper that house! Cartman: Pff, D-Do you really think Kyle & Stan like you? I mean sure, Jew has the hots for you, but hes a Jew he likes any girl that walks past him! also Stan, he is just listening to that Jew! pff, trust me, i knew them longer then YOU. just give up & stay home, you'll be safe *gets up* Vivi: What!? stfu thats not true! Cartman: It is! Vivi: Liar! Cartman: Fine, dont believe me! again i knew them longer then youu~ Vivi: ...*looks away & eyes get watery* No! *covers face* just leave! i'll talk about this to them to make sure! but i KNOW you are lieing grimace! *throws stick at him* Cartman: Ow! Bi*ch! whatever, *leaves* Vivi: *acouple minutes later* *crying alittle* (Stop this Vi! its not true anyways. i-i mean.. just think about it!) ...But he knew them longer...i should of known guys dont like hanging out with girls *frowns & leans elbow on table inside house* Cartman: *watches her* Oh god dammit, i didn't mean tp hurt her that bad -.- i just dont want no girls to join!! *sighs big & goes out to Vivi* Erm... listen Vivi.. I.. Vivi: What do you want? hear to tell me more heartbreaking facts? ehhh... Cartman: No! ...the thing is.. i lied. I dont want you to come along. You're a girl! besides, also.. i dont want you to get in trouble. Not that i care for you i still hate you! Vivi: ..Aw cuz.. *throws a couch pillow at him* Should of known you were lieing! Cartman: EY! Vivi: But whatever.. *hugs him* ^^''... Cartman: Urrgh.. lets just go outside, i change my mind. Ya happy? -_-'' Vivi: Pretty much! ^^~ *Is outside with Cartman smiling* I knew you cared for me! Cartman: Dont take advantage of it *rolls eyes smiling* *Kyle & Stan come & greet both of Vivi & Cartman*
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