Stvi// I like LIKE Kyle's girl!

Stvi// I like LIKE Kyle's girl!
*This recolor sucks! hope you like this Stvi VS Kyvi story! & im a little Stendy fan..this is if just Stan got tired of Wendy the Orignial couple is Kyle x Vivi KyVi. Stan & Vivi aren't dating they are just good friends =)* ~Stan's POV~ Im sick of Wendy, going out with every god damn guy she gets her eyes on. I can't take her anymore! shes turning into a slut! I think im starting to love someone else.. someone nicer & much more caring..dude, im not sure. But i gotta tell her this.. I stand near Vivi, ''Stan! Are you over Wendy now!? all that training to give up her is time! you know what you have to do, right?'' She looked excited, i saw Wendy walk holding Token's hand. ''Well, i think it is Vi im gonna show her now'' Vivi kinda looked worried too, i hope Wendy will still like her after this..after all, she is her best friend, Eh, i'll blame it on me. Wendy said hi to me, then i said this: ''Hey Wendy! i gotta tell you something!'' i gulped then, i had the courage to say it. ''Listen bitch, im tired of what you do to my heart. You keep breaking it. And this is the last straw. Im TIRED of this pain. You go out with EVERYGUY you see you go out with him him him & him! IDK!'' Some random guy said what confused. Eh, i was really pointing @ Clyde but he moved. Wendy started getting mad saying thats not true. Liar! half of it was.. ''Either you want me or not! your chose, accually no its not. BECAUSE I WILL KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. YOU'LL JUST CONTINUE DOING THIS LIKE A WHOLE F*CKING CYCLE!!'' I cluched my fists & looked down & started crying ''The best part of this though.. Vivi & me..bonded more. Vivi looked at me curiously as if we didn't. Then, she slowly smiled. I looked at her, then looked down blushing. ''She did everything to get my mind offa you..slaps, kicks, hireing a guy to dress as you and me practicing what i have to say.. i just want to thank her.. & you, because you know what Wendy?'' Wendy scoffed ''What Stanley?'' I sighed. You made me fall in love with the most caring, & tough girl in the world. Vivi blushed & looked surprised. I grabbed her romanticly & kissed her. Vivi, surprised, returned the favor & nosebleeded when the kiss was done. I puked on her. I was right, i do like her. I do feel bad for Kyle though.. totally ruined his shot.. Sorry buddy. Wendy, surprised as all the other kids, watched the kiss. Then got bored & stopped. Wendy walked away with Token pissed. Vivi said, ''Stan..the rest of the stuff wasn't what you said before..* I smiled. ''I know but i couldn't hide this any longer! I LOVE YOU!''.
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