<3A Kyvi Love Story<3: Something to apologize about, because i love you.

<3A Kyvi Love Story<3: Something to apologize about, because i love you.
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*This recolor is SO much better then my Stvi one! ^^ so this is Vivi apologizing (you don't see that alot) to Kyle about to fight they had, punching..kicking..etc. Cartman made up a rumor to everyone @ School that Kyle is talking bad about Vivi, & broke her Gameboy, blaming Kyle also making Wendy ignore her. Cartman said Vivi is talking bad about Kyle, & spilled orange juice on the inside of Kyle's hat & making him get in a fight with Stanley. Vivi & Kyle say some nasty things to eachother when they hear others talk about those rumors. Kyle says how much he never wanted to fix Vivi up to the girl she is today. He sendt her out of his group with the boys. Vivi, couldn't do much but. Just said you're not my friend anymore. And said she never needed him anyway & was a horrible person & is never getting better everyday. They had a huge fight (Which i will make a Story about later how it went.) Kicking Screaming Punching. Who says you can't hit a girl? Vivi knowing what Cartman did, pissed off at him. Goes to apologize to Kyle. She doesn't let Kyle talk because she thinks he will just correct her alot..or something. Kyle wanted to say he is sorry too, for he found out what Cartman did from Butters. Pissed off about Cartman aswell. Lets see how it goes! in Kyle's POV... Note: They are friends in this Story, they are not yet dating so far, bu they have a hidden crush on eachother.* ~Kyle's Point Of View~ Well i was waiting outside for Stan to open to door. Feeling bad about all those things i said about her..im crushed what she said to me though. I guess me, trying to change who i am.. is not working at all. I gotta get my mind out of this stupid problem. Gee, its taking Stan awhile to open his door. Just then i see Elizabeth running towards me. Then she trips on accident. Clumsy. I walked towards her, & helped her up. Vivi said ''Thanks'' I nodded my head. I had nothing to say to her. I felt so bad for what i did. I should of known Cartman started this..Just when Me & Vivi were getting somehere. Heh, should of known he was jealouss~. ''Listen, Broflovs--...Kyle.'' Excuse me!? did she just call me by my FIRST name!? what, is it some kind of serious moment i should be happy about? im surprised. I tried not to be surprised. That would be too goofy of me. So i listened what she had to say. First she says im sorry for the fight & hurting me, getting that out the way. ''Kyle, *sighs big* Im sorry for calling you those names, and saying those rude words, when were fighting...i mean i meant it when we were fighting..i want to get this off of my chest & say, well, sorry..it was just.. *fiddles with thumbs* too offesive to say you're ''Ugly'' or ''Dumb'' even though im like, WRONG in many ways -///-. I was ready to admit im sorry too till she covered my mouth with her hand as i, said sorry, but muffled so she didn't hear. ''Let me finish..!'' I rolled my eyes, But, shes right. I figured she had more to say then that. ''Do you know the phase, ''A dose of Your own Medicine?'' I nodded my head. ''Well, i had that all day. I felt like a cloud of bad feelings invaded me forcing me to apologize to you!...*looks down*'' I could of sworn i saw a tear..her voice got sobby. ''How can i even think, that you would break my Gameboy? non-the-less call you those nasty names when we are good friends!?'' Wow did i know how she felt... she took her hand offa me.. all this time i was flattered at her aplogiy, really! Then she put her finger up like a smart person & said truce. I went on to apologize & she smiled ''Thanks Broflovski. So really, truce?'' ..I took my mittens off as Vivi did too. We shook on it... We looked at eachother blushing.. Then our hands got sweaty & put our gloves back on. I never saw this side of her..=0 glad this is all over. We went to go hang out, Like..Like friends would. Maybe even..more then friends, soon =).
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