♥*♥*♥*♥*Colorado Summer! [South Park Fanfic~]*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥

♥*♥*♥*♥*Colorado Summer! [South Park Fanfic~]*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥
*I love this recolor!!! my fave recolor in this picture is Beri, i think i did a pretty good job o.o! Forgot Vivi's heart-shaped goggles sadly v.v & Beri, shes so cute! love this recolor took me awhile to make =). Beri is owned by DawnsBlingeeAccount, Fran is owned by AmuRimaKittu, & Vivi belongs to me. My Fanfic will be in different POVs for some characters ^^* ~Vivi's POV~ Summer finally in Colorado! it takes a long time for Summer to come over to Colorado, & its one of my favorite seasons. I really wanted to start swimmin' aswell. Broflovski (Kyle) taught me swimming & i think i got it now. He also saved me from drowning >///< (It was embarrassing) then taught me more in a smaller pool. After that it got cold & i couldn't swim again sense it got cold for alot of months =\ but finally, the past is past & now its time to enjoy the present. All of my friends & my family (I wish my family didn't come they always embarrass me, then again i do still like them & want them to have much as fun as me..just won't you know, embarrass me.) are coming to the beach with me for a Summer day. It will be 90 degrees! the snow melted & everyone is really hot (not the other hot) which im pretty happy about sense this means Summer-Time, oh but i don't sweat. Its just too..weird & smelly. I don't mind getting down & dirty but sweating is just not my thing still. So as my family got out of their giant van. Which i almost fell cause i was standing up excited to go to the beach, but when the car stopped i almost tripped. Luckily my brother & sister who are both little, grabbed onto my legs giggling & grinning. I sighed & put sunscreen on them but it took lil long sense they are pretty fat. I'm adopted & apart of Cartman's family, what do u expect? So i finished right around we got to the beach. I jumped out, & my bro & sis went out running onto the hot sand as they were screaming & smiling. I decided to put my sunscreen on & attach my goggles on my head. I waited for my friends & my mom plus dad told me the rules when going to the beach, I ignored half of the rules & finished putting Sunscreen on. Thats when i looked up to see Craig in his swimming shorts & Beri walking near him (Did i mention they are dating? they make a pretty nice couple~) walking towards me. I ran to them pushing my parents out the way excited-like. I said ''Hi'' to Craig & Beri, then smiling at them i said if we can wait lil for everyone else. Sure im impatient, but i can wait for my friends. They are importiant to me i can't wait to see them! Craig looked over to see if they are coming & sighed. ''Vivi, you know i don't like them. Half of them are douches & i just can't deal with them. Did i mention you look sorta..nice in your outfit? there i said it, now don't get mad at me for me not likin' your friends. I was flushed & scratched my head. ''Well..thanks Craig same w/ you buddy, & idc if you like them or not. Just wait & we can chat ok?'' Beri smiled & hugged Craig's arm. ''Please Craig? Kenny is coming soon i really wanna see him now & chat with him to the sand! & water!'' Craig sighed again & looked away blushing dark red. Then he nodded his head. ''Okay, only because you want me to so badly Beri! oh, & Vivi.'' I chuckled & leaned my back on the van. It was abit hot but, my skin got used to it. I watched Craig & Beri talk cute with eachother then we all talked regular with eachother till i saw the guys coming. Cartman, who had tons of sunblock on & looked pissed because he was forced to wear it. Stan holding Fran's hand trying not to barf & walking with her. Then Kenny just staring at all the big breasted ladies & drooling -rolls eyes-. Tweek pulling his hair & complaining i think about something. Im guessing about getting cramps in the water or something. Then, I saw Kyle, he was wearing that green hat not even wanting to take his hat off to show his hair, even if its hot summer. He was in swimming shorts with the rest of the guys, except Stan, Stan wore some kind of surfing outfit, as Fran, i think maybe a tanning bikini? wore that. I'm not sure but i think she isn't gonna do anything but be lazy. Soon i ran to Kyle & gave him a big hug along with fast-chatting. I was too excited! i also said hi to the others & Fran looked away at me. Whatever >_> Kyle blushed & looked abit flushed because it was pretty hot. ''Jews get sunburns fast, so, why the hell do i need Sunblock!?'' Cartman said. Kyle got irritated from Cartman's attitude towards his complaints & said he is very excited to go to the beach right now to me. I agreed then grabbed his hand walking with him to the hot sand & to the cold water. Everyone followed me, i turned to check, & i saw Beri & Craig kissing & was the only ones not following us. Its ok, they will have to catch up tho, lovebirds again~. ~Kyle's POV~ Vivi looked so cute in her swimming outfit! i decided not to comment on it though, too shy i guess. She dragged me to the sand when my feet got totally hot & i shook my head. ''Its so hot!'' Cartman then said, ''Well duh! it is 90 degrees dumb jew! everything is hot..even my pudding is =-='' I decided not to agure with him cause its not worth it & made it to the less hotter side of the sand. Me & my friends setted up our things on the sand & stuff. Stan decided to share a towel with Fran, Romantic-like. Sometimes i wish i thought more romantic-like =\ but oh well. Vivi set her towel up with mine then, impatiently, decided to cool off her feet with the water. Stan then said, ''So dude what are you gonna do first here?'' Ah, so many things..it was hard to choose really. I just decided to do whatever Vivi wanted. Stan told me he is gonna go surfing with Fran. ''Really dude? she doesn't seem like she would want to go surfing..'' Stan then put his arm around my neck explaining about something. ''I'm gonna try to get her to surf. I want her to get into it she'll love it! besides, she never says no to me.'' I rolled my eyes then told him to atleast meet me & Vivi at a resturant over here then after to the Rock-Climbing game. He said yeah then shaked my hand smiling, I smiled back. Like Best Friends you know? x3 & we are! so anyways, i followed Vivi & played with her in the water. I also helped her abit from drowning in the water. I kept blushing cause i kept grabbing onto her waist. She wasn't really blushing cause she was busy having too much fun. As we were playing & tag with the others. Stan decided to ask Fran about the surfing thing. I thought of doing the same thing with Stan cause it sounds fun. Then i hearded Stan shireked, ''No!? but..but why? it will be fun c'mon!'' Fran then said, ''Stanley, i'd love to but im busy trying to get a perfect, beauiful tan! don't worrie, we will do it later, ok ;)?'' Stan rolled his eyes, then picked Fran up. ''Atleast for 20 minutes!'' Fran got abit pissy but tried to stay calm. ''Stanleyyy!'' Stan then gave Fran a surf-board, after he waxed it, & started teaching her how to surf. ...I looked at Vivi, who was collecting Sea Shells & putting it in her bag, then asked her if she wanted to go surfing. Vivi said sure happlyly & i asked Stan if we can join. He said sure & we started surfing aswell. Stan puked alittle on the floor because when he helped Fran stay on the board surfing he touched her ass alittle. Fran giggled & smirked. Anyways, Vivi & I got the hang of it pretty well. Then when we were done i told Stan i'll see you in 1 hour! & Stan waved. Fran, soaking wet, decided to go to the spa for alittle & dragged Stan there. xD, have fun Stan. I saw a really pretty beach flower & decided to give it to Vivi. I hesitated to give her it but Vivi decided to get the flower out of my hands & put it on her ear then put her hair in a ponytail. ''Thanks Broflovski =3'' Vivi said, her eyes watery abit from the sun shining so bright. I picked up my ma's umbrella & i told Vivi lets take a walk, then i opened the umbrella.. ''Maybe, the little stores they have? i'll buy you anything you want =)'' Vivi blushed & went under the umbrella with me. ''Sounds cool, but you don't really need to, my mom gave me 12 dollars to buy my own stuff.'' ''Alright..well if you run out of money, i have like, 20 bucks right now, my ma gave it to me, my dad is greedy -.-'' She chuckled then said okay, As we walked we bought some cool stuff & chatted. It was a nice day..but now it was time to meet up with Stan & Fran to a resturant with the others to eat. Vivi & I gathered with the others & played with them till our parents came in. Before they came, before Vivi's dad i should say, i gived her a loveing kiss on the lips. >///> i had to, just for a thanks for inviting me to the Beach n//n. Vivi blushed & had nothing to say. <3 ~Kenny's POV~ Big breasted boob women AT THE BEACH! my all time favorite dream! ahh...sometimes i just love being single, being able to be perverted & no G.F. breathing down your neck. It is such a great day. I love it. As we met up in the resturant. I stared at my perverted pen with a naked girl on it. Till Beri told me to put it away or she'll break it. I was annoyed. We all ate at the resturant. Then i hanged out with Tweek for the rest of the day, watching as girls splash water at eachother...*u*..Tweek then complained about cramps. I told him not to go in the water then, accually, i don't believe that cramps after eating thing. But i'm not going in the water anyways sense i don't want to die, well i don't wanna die today -_-. I saw Kyle, Stan, Vivi & Fran rockclimbing as i walked past them. Now i was getting bored, what to do? i don't wanna die, but i wanna hang with my friends. Tweek then handed me an Ice Cream, Surprised, i took it. Thanked him aswell. We ate Ice Cream in scilence, till 2 beauiful women came up to me & Tweek and asked if we wanted to walk slow-motion on the peer in the beach. I immitately said yes, & Tweek was nervous but then said ''O-OK''. What a great day this was! & i didn't die at all! {But i did hurt myself walking slow-motion ._.''} After Beri, Fran & Vivi were hanging out near the water & stuff. I decided to take their picture after my bruise healed. It was a picture perfect!
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