иσвσ∂у єνєя мα∂є мє fєєℓ тнιѕ ωαу, ι мυѕт ѕтι¢к ωιтн уσυ..♥куνι♥ [Kyle Broflovski x Elizabeth Becca Vivi]

иσвσ∂у єνєя мα∂є мє fєєℓ тнιѕ ωαу, ι мυѕт ѕтι¢к ωιтн уσυ..♥куνι♥ [Kyle Broflovski x Elizabeth Becca Vivi]
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Vivi: *Stands on a pretty grassy field filled w/ flowers in her cute new summer dress w/ a white bow behind her & yellow earmuffs* I can't believe my mother made me wear this! T_T I look so dorky *sigh* & I have to stop talking to myself v_v' Kyle: *Walking thru the grassy yellow field* Vivi? Vivi? Cartman's mom told me you're out here.. Vivi: *Gasps & runs behind a tree blushing & looks at Kyle* Kyle: *Looking for Vivi & sighs* Vivi: (Oh..I hate wasting his time.. but I can't let him see me in THIS..) Kyle: *Looks at Vivi behind a tree & raises eyebrows* Hello Vivi---o//o.. Vivi: *Startled & jumps out behind Tree as romantic backround is behind her & she blushes* Kyle: *Stares at Vivi* ..You look..so pretty. O-Of course always but, I never saw you with a dress on v//v Vivi: *Hesitates to reply back & sits on flowery field* I'm..I'm sorry you had to see me like this, my mom made me wear it. She took all my other summer clothes & only made me wear this T//T. Which reminds me, Wheres your Summer clothes? Kyle: Eh? oh it's not that hot for me right now..But I'll have mine on soon. Vivi: Oh...~///~ Kyle: *Sits with her* I honestly think you look really cool with those Summer clothes. Why so embarrassed? Vivi: You know me, I'm not used wearing..dresses. Kyle: Scared someone might look up your dress? Vivi: ...Sorta. Kyle: Figured, Let me guess who would do that: Both Kyle & Vivi say in unison: Kenny. *Laughs* Vivi: Well, I guess im gonna have to get used to it ^^|| Kyle: I hope you get used to it quickly..You look really pretty..Vivi: You already said that!..Thx..v//v Kyle: No problem..u//u oh, *gets a Rose neckelace he made himself* I was looking for you to, uh, give you this.. Vivi: A rose neckelace? *blushes* That's so sweet..Course not as sweet as you *picks at grass blushing* Kyle: ..Can I put it on you? Vivi: o//o.. sure Kyle: *Puts it on her & stares at her, then kisses her head* Vivi: *Closes her eyes & smiles sweetly* Thanks Broflovski, I'll make sure to give you a gift. Ily ^^ Kyle: *Blushes pure red & says Ily back* Want to go to my house & play w/ my toy cars? Vivi: Sure ^-^ Kyle: *Gets up & helps Vivi up holding her hand & they both walk to his house* --- Oh I love this recolor! it looks nice, I'm getting better at recolors >U<
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