Blue Crying

Blue Crying
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I didn't recolor I copydraw this.Copydraw is not stealing.You just redoing the pic like your copying the pose but drawing it. Copy draw is a word I made up. Anyway this pic was in my dream. Blue:Death are you going to the park with me? Death:*eyes turn bright green to red* Why little brat you aways treated me like a dog or smack me!Blue:Lola is the one who does this to you.._.' Lola:Wrong his love for me is so powerful his mine. Blue:*runs off crying* Death:W-what happened?... BLUE! Blue:I wish I died. Lily: Please don't say that. :( Death:I'm sorry Blue thats not me Lola put a love spell on me. Blue:Death?...Bye *falls off cliff* ????? ???*saves Blue* Blue:Cutie Pie? Cutie:Why were you thinking just falling off a cliff was going to make things better!? Blue:sorry Stopped OPPA GANDAMAN STYLE HEYYY SEXY LADY MEA MORE BABY BABY NODA MORE HEHEHE Thats all I know OPPA PONY STYLE
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